On The Bit LLC   &   Dun Derby Farm

                We are following COVID 19 guidelines, social distancing and face masks


​We are a passionate natural horsemanship team who has owned and worked with horses our

whole lives. We strive to create a safe, fun, and meaningful connection between people and

horses. We have learned through our own experiences and training the benefits horses bring to

those who struggle with mental health disorders, addictions, and low self-confidence.

Kathi Auer is certified in Equine Assisted Learning, worked for years as a groom

throughout the US. She has trained in NY and Florida and traveled with trotting bred racehorses

for Harness Horse Youth Foundation.

Cheryl is a school Adjustment Counselor who works in a local high school. She is certified in

School Counseling and animal Assisted therapy.

Both Cheryl and Kathi train their horses using natural horsemanship and carry this method

throughout their work with clients. Safety for humans and horses is paramount.

On the Bit Equine at Dun Derby Farm clients will have an opportunity to create a bond with

the horses in addition to riding, grooming, and learning about care and upkeep. In addition, you

will learn about yourself through the biofeedback horses naturally give in reaction to human

feelings, mood, and behavior. Most of all you will have fun and feel good!

We are a small business which is our goal as this provides individualized programs to meet the

needs of different clients. Our assisted trail riding allows us to provide a true learning experience

and offers time for reflection and feedback while enjoying the beauty and freedom of our trails.