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Horses Save Lives

A Horse, A Moment, A Transformation

Discover yourself with horses

The Road to Self Discovery doesn’t have to be long and difficult. In fact,

it can even be FUN!

What if you could get those “aha’s” without having to strain your brain?

When we are around horses, they give us immediate feedback.

They hold up a mirror to our insides and reflect back things we didn’t

know about ourselves, or maybe never acknowledged out loud.

Let horses show you how! just by playing games with them.

You’ll learn--

◆ how to connect with yourself

◆ how horses reflect your “true self”

◆ how to be self-confident

◆ how to overcome self-doubt

◆ how to overcome your fears

◆ how to communicate what you need

◆ how to enforce your boundaries

◆ how important your energy and intention are

◆ self-care

◆ where to go from here

Therapeutic riding offers help to clients with:

◆ Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

◆ Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

◆ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

◆ Autism Spectrum Disorder

◆ Addiction and Substance Misuse Disorder

◆ Personality Disorders

◆ Biofeedback for Anxiety and Depression

◆ Helps Clients Gain Confidence and self-love